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Company Profile

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Suzhou Industrial Park Tai De Long Co., Ltd in China - Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. is a domestic funded joint-equity enterprise integrating R&D, manufacture, installation & commissioning, and after sales service of paper making machineries, cement machineries, metallurgical machineries and other complete-set machineries. The company has registered capital of 20 million Yuan with total assets over 120 million Yuan.


The company now has 100 staffs, including about 10 engineering technicians of technical title above engineer; it’s now crowned as a private technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province and a hi-tech enterprise of Suzhou Industrial Park. The company has a R&D center for hi-tech and new paper machines as well as CNC, machining, sheet metal, and assembly plants. The company has a design, development and production capacity for realizing annual sales volume of 80-100 million Yuan and profit tax of 2-5 million Yuan.


Since its establishment, always put "development is the absolute principle" as the first, unswervingly to the road of self-reliance and hard work. Strives for the survival by the quality, to seek progress, to the talent of innovation for development, to the credibility of the market, to management efficiency. With concept innovation, product innovation, market innovation, technology innovation, management innovation as the eternal driving force of the development of the enterprise. Continuously seize the various periods of development opportunity, solidarity, brave in exploitation; Constantly increase investment in enterprise technology innovation, in recent years, successively developed by 3520/600, 3520/600 is developed high quality culture paper machine, long nets multi-cylinder non-carbon autotype the original paper machine, 3950/500 multi-cylinder press machine, 4500/500 long net multi-cylinder board machine 4400/420, 4400/420 multi-cylinder board machine, five fold mesh coated white board paper machine, 3200/400 four fold multi-cylinder paper cup base paper paper machine, 3300/500 long net multi-cylinder refined leather and bags of paper machine, 1350/500 multi-cylinder decorative base paper, 2640/500 long net multi-cylinder decorative base paper paper machine paper machine, and is suitable for various kinds of paper a large number of top web forming machine in the domestic leading position of papermaking machinery products and parts.


Into the national "eleventh five-year plan, the company after a long period of market research and analysis, give full consideration to the advantage of the company and enterprise characteristic, establishes the old machine to produce the special machine and renovation as the main body of strategic direction. Several paper mills and successively for domestic development, has developed many sets of special machine: 2362/120 and 1575/60 of the tobacco slice paper machine, such as kunming 500/40 of wuhan tobacco slice test paper machine, shandong high-voltage insulating paper machine 2200/100 and 3200/100, 2640/550 of the hunan m with high-grade culture paper machine HuaBang 3200/500 of the special machine, zhejiang MingFeng 1880/200 VAT paper machine, 1350/500 of zhejiang HuaWang high-grade special machine etc, from the current has been formally put into production of the above special paper machine production, according to data are achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.


Last year, the company through repeatedly market research both at home and abroad in recent years papermaking machinery market supply and demand analysis, decided on the basis of the original, open source throttling self-raised funds of more than 5000000 yuan, again add CNC machining centers, CNC planer milling machine, CNC floor-type boring and milling machine and so on a large number of high precision equipment, the implementation of the suzhou municipal industrial transformation and upgrading of a special fund project: research and development the 3700/500 high-speed specialty paper, coated paper, electrostatic copy paper, offset paper machine and 3200/500 of high-grade special paper machine.


At present, the company is actively strive for "national high-tech enterprise". In this year and next two years into the "national high-tech enterprise". And is committed to enterprise information management, and strive to in a short time make the enterprise the management level of a large leap, strive to be a not too long in the modernization of enterprise management.

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